Gratefulness is always a good habit. And for a habit to be formed, we must consciously work on it. Day by day, year by year, The Gratitude Project is a tool for us to write down at least one thing we are grateful for on a particular day.


As we fill in the pages of this three-year journal, we will have irrefutable evidence that our lives are truly blessed. 

  • Hardbound, textured matte cover with gold foiling

  • Designed for three years, flexible to any year, so you can start anytime!

  • Size : 4.25 x 6.25" x 1.25" 

  • Paper type: matte, white

  • Available in three cover colors: Honeysuckle and Soft Turquoise 


Only PhP 490.00 each

We have learned much from our experience in making the Daybook last year, so we have made this a stronger, more durable keepsake that should last a lifetime.

Personalized customized paper gifts Manila weddings journal
Personalized customized paper gifts Manila weddings journal
Soft Turquoise
Soft Turquoise

PhP 490.00


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