we thank




To our beloved clients, thank you. 

I always thought of my brand, PostScript Designs to be this little print shop that could. We had such an amazing 12-year run, thanks to you.

I don't think we could have lasted this long if it we didn't have such great clients. Whether you ordered from us once or every year, we thank you for being part of our story. Thank you for growing with us. 

My hope for this business was always to honor God in what we did. I truly hope that in the little way we have been part of your lives, we were able to do just that. Since this would be my last chance to boldly speak of this faith that we share, I would like to leave you with this: You are deeply loved by God in Christ. If there's anything the past year has taught me, it is this unshakable, unchanging, faithful love that truly matters. Everything else pales in comparison to this. I pray that if you don't know this yet, that you will one day.

I thank God for you and I thank God for PostScript Designs. It has been an honor and privilege to be a steward of this business. 

Signing off,